Quick Travel Tips for Türkiye (Turkey) 🇹🇷

Best Mobile ProviderTurkcell
CurrencyTurkish Lira (TRY), Some places accept Euro and USD
Taxi AppBiTaksi
Public TransportationEfficient system with metros, trams, and buses
PoliceTrustable, 155
LanguageTurkish, English is not common, better offline Google Translate
SafetyStay vigilant against pickpocketing
Currency ExchangeExchange at official offices/banks, carry cash
Respect Local CustomsModest dress, removing shoes at mosques/homes
Turkish Cuisine99% safe street or restaurant food. Feel safe to try anything.
Important DocumentsCarry photocopies of passport and travel documents
Haggle in MarketsNegotiate prices
Turkish BathsExperience traditional Turkish baths
Street VendorsBe cautious of counterfeit goods
ClothingPack appropriate clothing for the season, Cold winter, hot summer.
Cultural AwarenessBe mindful of cultural differences, each city is different.
Health PrecautionsNo common sickness from food, water or insects.

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